About Pet Care Laboratory

From the beginning, in 1970, we started out by developing and marketing a range of hygiene, skin, and haidressing products for humans in our former family owned business. We are also animal owners and pet lovers. After having tried out all the existing coat care products on the market, we found that none of them were up to the mark for our Afghan dogs. We tried Swedish products as well as products from abroad and came to the conclusion that they didn’t give the results we were expecting.

Considering the demanding furs of our dogs, we opted instead to use a range of hair and skin care products for psoriasis and eczema, which we then adapted to the special needs that our dogs had. The test results were exceptional. We also asked people knowledgeable in fur care as well as other animal owners with a veriety of breeds of dogs and cats to participate in the tests, and their reports were also part of the creation of PCL.

The year was 1993, and this was the beginning of our popular range of products. The ingredients are the best on the market, including vitamins and silk protein in the amounts we have found to be optimal for the outstanding results that we as animal owners and exhibitors of all breeds of dogs and cats seek to attain, for regular use as well as for competitions. Today we are market leaders in Scandinavia, which we are very proud of.


Christer Johansson


PCL expands…
In order to reach a greater number of customers, we are looking for leading wholesalers in Europe, who put high demands on the quality of the products they are representing, and who have a broad base of customers as well as stable sales. Our European expansion is a natural step in our development, now that we have reached a leading position in Scandinavia within the segment of cat and dog products. Combining your experience from your market and our experience från the Scandinavian market, we see great possibilites for making PCL a leading brand in your markets as well. Please contact us to book a visit and and a personal presentation.

Per-Erik Johansson

Marketing Manager

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