PCL Dog & Cat Pomegranate Shampoo

Pomegranate Shampoo with delicate aroma of ripe pomegranate apple.

For both long and short fur on all races. Make coat wonderfully soft and shiny!
Perfect for unruly coats such as Afghans, Maltese, Persian cat, etc. For more volume, use a little warmer water when rinsing. If the coat is dry, shaggy and lifeless, rinse with cooler water. Combine always with the PCL Pomegranate Conditioner for best effect. Also works great for us humans!

Ingredients: Pomegranate extract and wheat protein that has a unique ability to repair split hair tips and strengthens the skin, hair, bags and hair, and enhances the coat’s natural sheen. In addition, the coat is very easy to work with and dries faster.

Do this: Shampoo the coat 2 times and leave in for 1-3 minutes at other shampooing. Rinse with cool water during the dry coat and for the best investigative power. . Finish with PCL Pomegranate Conditioner for optimal investigative power and furs status.

Available in packaging size of 300 ml, 2.7 liter and 5.7 liter.
Goes well to dilute up to 1/16.