PCL Dog & Cat Dandruff Shampoo

An extra gentle dandruff shampoo for both long and short fur coats and all races. Prevents dryness, dandruff, scaling and itching. For more volume, use a little warmer water when rinsing. If the coat is dry, shaggy and lifeless, rinse with cooler water. Combine always with PCL Dandruff Conditioner for optimal coat status and investigative power.

All our products contains nourishing ingredients such as provitamin B5 and Silk Protein, which strengthens and protects the skin, hair follicles and hair shaft and highlights pälsens natural luster. In addition, the coat is very easy to work with and dries faster.

Do this: Shampoo in thoroughly, leave for 2-4 minutes. and rinse with cool water. Repeat the treatment 2 times / week until the symptoms are gone. Then one day / week. Always finish with PCL Dandruff Conditioner!

Available in packaging Size:
300 ml, 2.7 liter and 5.7 liter.