PCL Dog & Cat Lavender Shampoo

Has the same content and function as the PCL Vitamin & Silk Shampoo, but with the addition of real Lavender oil. This shampoo is a little more luxurious than the other. Lavender oil is antiseptic, wound healing and anti-bacterial, and it has a soothing effect and a lovely scent. Can be used every day.

All our products contains nourishing ingredients such as provitamin B5 and Silk Protein, which strengthens and protects the skin, hair follicles and hair shaft and highlights pälsens natural luster. In addition, the coat is very easy to work with and dries faster.

Do this: Shampoo the coat 2 times and leave 1-3 minutes at other shampooing. Rinse with cool water. Finish with PCL Lavender Conditioner for best effect.

Available in packaging Size:
300 ml, 2.7 liter and 5.7 liter.

Goes well to dilute up to 1/16